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Posted by Anita on 01.25.08 7:03 AM

(c)2008 AEC **all rights reserved**Last weekend’s do-it-yourself bubbly bar was a source of great amusement for our guests. Aided by a handy cheat-sheet, the crew whipped up Kir Royales and Champagne Cocktails and Death in the Afternoons aplenty. For the teetotalers, we also offered an assortment of homemade syrups and alternative sparklers — Seltzer Sisters soda water and two kinds of ginger ale — along with suggestions for non-alcoholic spritzers.

One of my favorites in this category is the venerable Horse’s Neck, a deceptively simple combination of a ginger ale and long strip of lemon zest that dates to the late 1800s. Popular though the soft drink was, it didn’t take long for clever barkeeps to fortify it. As early as 1897, columnists allowed that “a dash of whisky is said not to interfere with the agreeable taste of this drink.” By the turn of the century, the once-optional shot was nearly a foregone conclusion, although the original recipe enjoyed a revival of sorts during the temperance years.

The boozed-up version — known as a “Horse’s Neck with a Kick” or a “Stiff Horse’s Neck”, depending on which mixology manual you consult — adds an ounce or two of your favorite brown liquor to the glass. Most recipes call for whiskey of some sort, but you find occasional mentions of brandy or even gin. Wander a little further afield, and it’s not too hard to see the hoofprints in similar beverages: Swap rum for whiskey and a lime wedge in place of the lemon twist, and you’ve got a Dark & Stormy. Substitute vodka, and you’re 2/3 of the way to a Moscow Mule — even the name is a clue!

(c)2008 AEC **all rights reserved**(c)2008 AEC **all rights reserved**(c)2008 AEC **all rights reserved**(c)2008 AEC **all rights reserved**(c)2008 AEC **all rights reserved**

Horse’s Neck with a Kick
1-1/2 to 2oz bourbon or rye
ginger ale
lemon zest

Place a long, continuous spiral of lemon zest in a Collins glass, hooking one end over the rim to keep it from sinking. Fill the glass with ice, add the bourbon and a few shakes of bitters, and top with ginger ale.

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Comment by clumsy

Oh goodie, I love whisky-mixed drinks, though it’s hard to find a good one! I’ll be trying this over the weekend. :)

Posted on 01.25.08 at 7:51AM

Comment by Happy Cook

Hmmmm weekend drink :-)

Posted on 01.25.08 at 7:55AM

Comment by Vidiot

Sounds yummy indeed. I like ginger ale with bitters, but it never occurred to me to add whiskey.

Posted on 01.25.08 at 12:15PM

Comment by Tammy

Sounds good to me. And I love that glass.

Posted on 01.27.08 at 5:21PM

Comment by staggering around down under

one of my favorite drinks is called dam water (what can i say, i’m from the country).

ingrediants are:

* vanilla vodka (infuse your own, using vanilla bean pods. commercially available versions are nmot viable. just be careful – if you leave the pods in too long, the vodka tastes woody).

* dry ginger ale

* squeeze of lime juice (can be boosted with traditional lime cordial if desired).

generally, build over ice in a highball. we use 2 shots vanilla vodka, but one will suffice. then experiment with the rest – we prefer using up to a quarter of a lime.

the end result will taste like creamy soda, and is great for summer :)

Posted on 01.30.08 at 6:57PM

Comment by Nellie Olson

Us la vie ignobles sometimes indulge in a “Jack and Ginger” which is what it sounds like and is most likely the garage version of the Horse Neck. Nice summer drink.

Posted on 09.18.08 at 1:34PM

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