A good time for pie

Posted by Cameron on 03.27.07 4:56 PM

GialinaNot long ago, I waxed caustic about the dearth of decent pizza in San Francisco, and I pretty much threw the entire city under the bus. But someone somewhere must have been listening, because not long after I posted my rant, Gialina Pizzeria opened.

Chef Sharon Ardiana—whose resume includes stints at Sol y Luna, The Slow Club, and Lime, among others—has put together a very cute little pizzeria in a Glen Park storefront that used to house an unloved (and unmissed) business that served disks of dough topped with tomato sauce and whatever else came to hand.

We’ve been to Gialina a couple of times now, and I’m already looking forward to a return visit. The decor has been updated with lots of trés chic wood veneer and enormous black-and-white family photos from Chef Ardiana’s childhood. The pictures could feel gimmicky, but they don’t—they’re simultaneously hilarious and homey. It feels like you’ve been invited to dinner with the relatives and close friends.

And, just as happily, the food is worthy. The pie dough is pulled into rough circles and passes the critical test of tasting good all by itself. The toppings are good… not mind-bending, but good. The salads have been felicitously composed, and we thoroughly enjoyed the antipasti platter that we ordered on our first visit. The ricotta cheesecake adequately fills the stomach slot labeled “cheesecake,” and there’s a Nutella dessert pizza that looked like a chocolate coma in the making.

A word (or, actually three) about the service: Friendly, welcoming, and as professional as anything that you’re going to find in a neighborhood restaurant. Special bonus points: While you’re waiting for a table, you can leave your cell phone number and bounce down to Glen Park Station (a proper old-school SF bar) for a drink and a quick game of liar’s dice.

Welcome, Gialina. We’ve been waiting for you.

Gialina Pizzeria
2842 Diamond Street
San Francisco, CA 94131

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Comment by Sean

Oh, I cannot wait to try it out … we’re still off the leavened breads for another 10 days or so (but who’s counting?) but you can bet once that’s over, we’ll be there stat!

Posted on 03.27.07 at 7:05PM

Comment by cookiecrumb

“Waxed caustic”?
Dang, Cam. We’re in the middle of selling our townhouse. Would you be interested in coming over and waxing caustic? ‘Cause I’m sure it would obliterate some deep faults; gloss up the place a bit.
(OTOH!! We have an offer already, so if we’ve been delinquint in proposing a dinner date wit’ youse, now you know why and let’s get it on.)
OMG: my old Glen Park nabe. We used to call it Baja Noe, and now Sean has stolen my terminology.

Posted on 03.27.07 at 7:44PM

Comment by erik_flannestad

Hey, glad to hear you enjoyed it too!

We had a great time there a few weeks back, and are looking forward to returning. The problem is slotting yourself in, in the brief respite between the rugrats and the late night dining crowds.

Posted on 03.27.07 at 7:56PM

Comment by Brett

Yay Glen Park! That’s my neighborhood (at least until I move above my restaurant). N and I have eaten at Gialina 3 times already (once to go). Just what the nabe needed. Love it!

Posted on 03.27.07 at 8:40PM

Comment by Doug

A great salad and pizza is high up on my list of favorite meals.

There’s a place called Serafina in NYC which is a (small) chain. They have a spinach and goatcheese salad with a honey vinagrette that will blow your mind. The pizza is also tastey – not the best necessarily, but good, wood fired pie.

Posted on 03.28.07 at 4:30PM

Comment by jill

have you tried Pizza Pico in Larkspur? Thin crust wood oven pizza, great caesar salads and for dessert, strauss creamery soft serve ice cream with homemade caramel sauce — heaven!

congrats on your new kitchen!

Posted on 03.30.07 at 7:41AM

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