DOTW: Black Velvet

Posted by Anita on 01.05.07 7:27 AM

black velvet (c)2007 AECWhen it comes to kitchen remodels, no news is good news. Our contractor’s crew of Irish lads has been rapidly turning the old kitchen into a pile of rubble and debris, and — contrary to our worst fears — there was nothing evil lurking within our 85-year-old house’s walls, floors, or ceilings. Let’s celebrate!

As we stood in the beer aisle, contemplating which six-pack to buy for our demo crew (so that they can toast a good week’s work today, too), Cameron veoted my suggestion of something from The Old Country as being too cliché. But conversations with charming men possessed of lilting brogues leaves me craving a pint of stout, so we put a few Guinness Drafts in the shopping cart. On second thought, seeing as how this was a special occasion, perhaps Champagne would be more apt. So we put a split of bubbly into the cart, too.

Back at home, we faced a serious dilemma: Guinness, or bubbly? Well, why not both…

Black Velvet
Irish stout, preferably Guinness Draft
Sparkling wine

Pour Irish stout into a pilsner or tall glass, to the halfway mark. Top with sparkling wine.

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Comment by erik_flannestad


What’s with all these Black Velvets lately?

They just wrote them up on The Spirit World, as well.

I’m beginning to think you blogging folks are reading ahead in the Savoy in an attempt to “scoop” me!

Hmmm… Wait a sec. Savoy Cocktail Book themed Mixology Monday. I can get others to torture their livers instead of me. Now, there’s an idea…

Posted on 01.05.07 at 9:41AM

Comment by Anita

I like that idea! :)

I forgot that Spirit World had done them recently. Part of their Beer Cocktails series, now that I think of it…

Posted on 01.05.07 at 9:44AM

Comment by Rocky

I thought a Black Velvet was a Guinness and dry hard cider. Pour cider to halfway mark and then pour Guinness to top over an upside down spoon.

Posted on 01.05.07 at 6:07PM

Comment by Anita

Rocky, yours sounds like a variation made by a pub without a full liquor license, or a bartender who didn’t want to have to open a bottle of bubbly for one drink. Dry cider bears a strong resemblance to sparkling wine, after all.

Posted on 01.05.07 at 6:18PM

Comment by Chubbypanda

So wrong, yet so right!

- Chubbypanda

Posted on 01.05.07 at 9:43PM

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