(Un)grey market day

Posted by Anita on 11.08.08 8:44 PM

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Not a lot to report — we’ll get back to real posts tomorrow — but I couldn’t help but share a few snaps from the Ferry Plaza market today. It was grey and chilly but sometimes the bright colors of our fall produce seem even prettier when set against a monochrome sky.

We arrived on the (very) late side, so we had to battle against the crowds. But I was like a kid in a candy store playing with my new toy: A Canon G9 camera. It’s a pocket-sized point-and-shoot model, but it comes equipped with lots of photo-geek features. I’m surprised how much fun I’m having using a zoom again, after the fixed lenses on my dSLR camera. One pleasant side effect is that I can take my weekly food still-life shots from overhead, instead of straight on. I’m not sure I’ll stick with that format forever, but it’s nice to have the flexibility.

I haven’t even cracked the manual yet, but I’m hoping the G9 will be swoopy enough that I can (mostly) leave the big camera at home for ‘studio’ work. We’re travelling to London next month, and it would be a pleasure not to have to haul the ‘big gun’ around with me on our daily adventures. People whose opinions I trust seem to love their G-series cameras, so I have high hopes.

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Comment by Kalyn

Interesting, and the photos do look great! Have fun in London!

Posted on 11.08.08 at 9:15PM

Comment by Nellie OTR

Nice pics! Glad you like your new camera.

We were looking for you two yesterday, but we were there a bit early.

Posted on 11.09.08 at 2:21PM

Comment by cookiecrumb

Very nice. Monochrome sky is your friend.
London?? Eeee!

Posted on 11.09.08 at 3:26PM

Comment by Lauren

You’ll love the G9. Paul bought it as a “pocket camera” to his DSLR and he finds himself carrying it all the time. It’s easy enough for me to use too!

Have a great time in London.

Posted on 11.12.08 at 4:33PM

Comment by Anita

I have to admit I am not really loving the G9. It’s fine in bright daylight but the restaurant-type stuff I bought it for is really weak, maybe even worse than the A710is I bought it to replace. The battery life is terrible, and I hate not being able to keep a spare set of AAs in my bag.

Posted on 11.19.08 at 11:01PM

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