MxMo14: 1 week to go

Posted by Anita on 04.09.07 11:48 AM

RamblinRose(c)2007AECI was cruising through previous editions of Drink of the Week, and found that a suprising number of them have called for some form of bubbly. I guess you know my weakness now! Here’s a recap, in case you’re stuck for ideas:

Rosemary Five: You haven’t forgotten this one already…
Black Velvet: Guinness stout and bubbly
Gilded Pear: Pear Cognac, ginger-infused vodka, bubbly
Poire Royale: Pear Cognac or eau du vie, bubbly, raspberry

And here’s a new one, a riff off the classic Champagne Cocktail. but replacing the bitters with rosewater. At The Front Porch, our local Caribbean-meets-Soul joint, they’ve put together an interesting drinks menu despite their lack of a full liquor permit. Instead of the dreaded sake-tinis and soju-tails you often find at limited-license restaurants, all of their libations are based on ciders or bubbly.

Ramblin’ Rose
from The Front Porch, San Francisco

Sparkling wine
1 sugar cube
Rosewater (available at BevMo and most grocery stores)
A pesticide-free rose

Soak a sugar cube in rosewater, and place in a flute or champagne saucer. Fill the glass with bubbly, and garnish with rose petal.


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Comment by Chubbypanda

Gilded Pear is my favorite so far.

Posted on 04.09.07 at 1:59PM

Comment by Anita

Me, too, Panda. But, shhhh — don’t tell the other drinks.

Posted on 04.09.07 at 3:36PM

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