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Posted by Anita on 04.02.07 11:17 PM

(c)2007 AECLast week, one of our regular readers asked me if the new kitchen was everything we were hoping for. That’s a huge order, isn’t it? But, you know, it really IS everything we were hoping for.

Which is not to say that we aren’t ready to strangle both our cabinet vendor — who still hasn’t delivered the replacement doors (hence, no knobs!) — and our contractor, who left for vacation with about a million little unfinished details on our punch list. And of course there are things we’d do differently.

But even with every caveat I can think of, there’s no denying that the new kitchen is both beautiful and functional, and a true pleasure to cook in. The countertops are gorgeous, the light and views are stunning, the storage space is abundant, and the stove is one of the seven wonders of the modern world.

And I am swooning over conveniences that I’m still not sure how we lived without: a garbage disposal, an icemaker, filtered water in the fridge door, and a real range hood — our old ventilation system was an open window and a box fan.

(c)2007 AECOur old kitchen was bigger — we added the wall with the open cabinets to create a back hall for the house — but I’m not exaggerating when I say it had about 2 feet of usable counters. Now we have three distinct work zones, plus the breakfast room. It’s a great two-cook kitchen, and I hope it will be a good small-party space, too.

In many ways, the kitchen in this month’s photo tour on Flickr doesn’t look dramatically different than it did at the last update, a month ago, but it’s barely recognizable from the “before” shots. By this time next month, we should be 100% finished. Keep you fingers crossed, and stay tuned!




Comment by matt

You know I’m living vicariously through you and your remodel. It looks utterly fantastic and I bet you couldn’t be happier!

Posted on 04.03.07 at 8:46AM

Comment by s'kat

In more ways than one, I’m sure it’s a sight for sore eyes!

Posted on 04.03.07 at 10:01AM

Comment by erik_flannestad

Wow! Beautiful kitchen!

I am completely jealous.

Maybe the wonderful job you did will convince Mrs. Flannestad that it might be worth re-doing ours! Look at all those outlets and spacious counters. I especially like the black ones. Is that soapstone?

Posted on 04.03.07 at 10:17AM

Comment by Anita

Matt: I live vicariously through you and your travels, so now we’re even :D

S’kat: Thanks! I feel so immodest talking about how beautiful the kitchen is, but I know that I have my architect and my carpenter to thank for it.

Erik: It’s actually grey Brazilian slate. We didn’t want shiny stone, so we went with a honed finish. We can’t wait to have you and the Missus over to see it in person when you’re back from your trip.

Posted on 04.03.07 at 10:23AM

Comment by Lauren

Beautiful. Just Beautiful.

Posted on 04.03.07 at 11:42AM

Comment by maria~

How gorgeous! I’m so jealous of your gleaming, new, spacious kitchen! Must be divine to cook in such a nice space :)

Posted on 04.03.07 at 2:46PM

Comment by janelle

looks gorgeous! Time to break it in, eh?

Posted on 04.03.07 at 5:10PM

Comment by Michelle

Absolutely stunning! Enjoy!! :)

Posted on 04.04.07 at 6:52AM

Comment by Neil

So envious. You will invite me over to play sometime, right? It could be a three-butt kitchen if the choreography was right, but you know I’m happy just to watch, too. ;)

Cheers (and congratulations),


Posted on 04.04.07 at 11:24PM

Comment by Wendy M

WOW!! the light playing off the colors and the floorplan are just beautiful! great work you guys. I especially love those shelves for your dishes!

Posted on 04.16.07 at 12:47PM

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