Signs of spring

Posted by Anita on 03.11.07 6:12 PM

cardoons (c)2007 AEC Yes, cardoons. Also nettles, green garlic, and pea vines. Ah, it’s even beginning to smell a bit like springtime at the Ferry Plaza farmers market.

Since Cameron will be in NYC all week, and I follow him back on Tuesday, we weren’t really doing our usual food-shopping rounds, although we couldn’t leave without a gorgeous Prather Ranch rib-eye for the grill and some jumbo brussels sprouts to roast.

And we did manage to stock Cameron’s bag with carry-on nibbles for his flight — petit sec from Fatted Calf and some sweet treats from the ladies at La Cocina. But mostly, we ate our breakfast, poked around, took a couple dozen photos (more than half of them floral, not food), visit with our favorite vendors, bump into a trio of old friends, and soak up just enough sunshine to make us forget all about the winter coats in our suitcases.

In between work and family time in New York, we’ll do our best to post about our wanderings. We’ve got reservations at a few restaurants we’ve been longing to try, and a list of cocktailian haunts as long as your arm (thanks, Murray!). When we get back, expect a thorough kitchen-remodel update.

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Comment by Lisa (Homesick Texan)

I’m so jealous! Our farmer’s market in NYC this weekend was still selling only apples and potatoes, with a few greens here and there, but nothing out of the ordinary.

Posted on 03.12.07 at 6:00AM

Comment by Wendy

Have a great time in NYC Anita! Maybe D&Co will be open?? Will you be heading to Milk & Honey I hope?

Posted on 03.12.07 at 10:19AM

Comment by Anita

We decided that Milk & Honey was too much of a hassle, begging for a reservation and then hustling to make a set time when we didn’t really know how work and jet-lag and dinners would affect us, time-wise. But we have lots of other options! :)

Posted on 03.12.07 at 10:24AM

Comment by Neil

Nice running into you guys at the market!

After you left, I picked up some cardoons, which I gratined for dinner last night with some roasted green garlic… tasty!

Have a great trip!

Posted on 03.12.07 at 2:13PM

Comment by Anita

Neil: I was so sad that I wasn’t going to get to cook cardoons!! Now I’m just jealous ;)

Lisa: Yeah, but you have chicken-fried steak, so we’re even :D

Posted on 03.12.07 at 3:27PM

Comment by Chubbypanda

How do you like your nettles? I saw some really great ones at the farmer market this weekend, but since I was already suffering from bag-mata (when the handles of your shopping bags cut off circulation to your hands), I decided to wait until next week. Any good recipes?

Posted on 03.13.07 at 1:23PM

Comment by Sarah

Hope you hit Pegu Club while in NYC–Houston between Laguardia and Wooster.

There’s a place with a lot of buzz called Death & Co. in the East Village, but they were have liquor license problems and when Brian and I called a couple weeks ago, they said they were closed for “spring cleaning.” Fishy . . .

Posted on 03.15.07 at 5:40AM

Comment by Anita

Funny Sarah mentions Pegu. It’s definitely on the list. For Friday (hint, hint).

We hit Flatiron Lounge last night…. I’ll try to write it up today, if I don’t fall asleep at the keyboard.

Posted on 03.15.07 at 6:05AM

Comment by Sarah

Actually, we’ll be at Pegu Club Friday too, after work. We’re going to a birthday party at a dive bar down the street, so we want to get in at least one good drink first!

Posted on 03.16.07 at 6:26AM

Comment by Anita

We ended up going last night:

But we’ll definitely be back. Possibly tonight before dinner, unless we go to Little Branch instead.

Posted on 03.16.07 at 8:12AM

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