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Posted by Anita on 01.29.07 11:33 AM

postcard to... (c)2007 AECAs part of Meeta’s Postcards Around the World event, I just shipped off a valentine to …well, I can’t tell you who, but I can say that she’s a foodblogger who lives in a country that I love to visit, appropriately enough.

I’ve never been to this blogger’s town, but — as I now know from Googling — it shares many similarities with San Francisco, including “a superb choice of restaurants” (according to the local tourism council), an historic waterfront, and a brewery that’s been turning out well-regarded ales since the Victorian era.

The valentine I’m sending is a photo I took a few weeks ago at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market — featuring radishes in reds, hot pinks, and other valentine colors — with a postcard sticker on the back. (Not surprisingly, finding a food-related postcard is hard enough, but finding one that’s holiday-specific is impossible! And besides, it was fun making my own card.) Of course I’m using some of the Crops of the Americas stamps that I’ve been hoarding, too.

Somewhere out in the blogosphere, another food blogger is getting ready to send a valentine postcard to me, too. I can’t wait to get it!

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Comment by cookiecrumb

I’m such a dope: I’m jealous of your participation, but (as I often say) I’m not a joiner!

I love your choice of valentine. Are we supposed to hoard those stamps? I don’t know how many I have left.

Posted on 01.29.07 at 2:48PM

Comment by Tea

And that gorgeous radish shot too! I must admit, my version is one of my favorite market shots this year.

Posted on 01.29.07 at 4:09PM

Comment by Sally

I think your postcard is just perfect!

Posted on 01.30.07 at 3:13AM

Comment by Anita

Cookie: I keep puzzling this over, trying to think of something witty to say. I definitely understand not wanting to conform, but I have so much fun participating in memes and events, I can’t help myself.

Tea: It still amazes me that we both shot almost the same photo. Obviously, we have excellent taste :D

Sally: I hope the recipient thinks so, too!

Posted on 01.30.07 at 7:13AM

Comment by Anita

Padmaja got her postcard last week:

Posted on 02.14.07 at 9:27AM

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[...] I was ecstatic today to receive my lovely Valentine’s card from Anita from San Francisco.I was pretty amazed to see her describing my little world on the other side of the atlantic with superb history.When i was a little girl, I always dreamt of Mr Darcy sweeping me away to some wonderful gardens and guess what I am here with my Darcy living and enjoying beautiful english countryside, lovely heritage with so much to see and enjoy and relax in this wonderful town, Ipswich.Thank you once again Anita and Cameron for your efforts on your wonderful site and i always come across something or the other to think and try your wonderful recipes!!! Take it as my personal invitation my new blogger friend, Anita, One day do come over to this part of UK and i would be delighted to show u around Hope u too have a wonderful Valentine’s day with all happiness and love. Thank you once again Meeta for organising this wonderful event!! [...]

Posted on 09.27.07 at 1:59PM

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