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Posted by Cameron on 01.18.07 5:36 PM

gives you hangoverNo embarrassing orthodontia tales here, although I certainly have them. And I suppose that this counts as more than six things for one blog, but:

Despite my savoir-faire with working kitchen jargon, I have only held one food-related job: at a bakery/bistro where I mostly sold pastries and made sandwiches. My signature move was to smear two spoonfuls of unprepared, clear-quill horseradish on a sandwich when the customer asked for said condiment…until someone complained. The owner asked me if I had ever actually tasted horseradish. I hadn’t.

I used to drink Karo corn syrup straight from the bottle. Hey, it was just a nip of courage now and again. I could have stopped anytime I wanted to.

I have an incredible capacity to eat exactly the same thing for breakfast every day for weeks at a time. Lunch, too.

I like Jager Bombs. I’m pretty sure that this and the Karo thing are somehow related.

By the age of 12, I had taken part in the following activities: butchering pigs and cows for family consumption, collecting maple sap (drinking my fair share) and boiling it down, milking cows, collecting fresh eggs (never killed a chicken, though), churning butter, making sausage, and pulling perfectly good baby vegetable plants out of the ground while claiming to have mistaken them for “weeds.”

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