How weird is that?

Posted by Anita on 01.17.07 11:55 AM

Watson's Drug and Soda FountainSandi at The WhistleStop Cafe (of Fried Green Tomatoes fame) has tagged us to share “six weird things” about ourselves with our readers. Now, I don’t know about you, but I am guessing you don’t care that I drive a 1966 Volvo, or that I had braces as an adult, or that I’m the oldest of ten grandchildren on my mother’s side… so let’s keep this food related, eh?

  1. Cameron and I share a surprising number of food dislikes. Neither of us cares much for eggplant, squash, or sweet potatoes.
  2. We have been known to drive an hour — and to plan our airport flight-arrival times — to eat at our favorite Mexican restaurant.
  3. I’d rather have citrus or caramel desserts than chocolate, any day. I realize this makes me a traitor to my gender. (I don’t dislike chocolate, but I don’t crave it.)
  4. One of my favorite things to do on vacation is visiting the local supermarket. Sure, farmers markets are great, but the grocery store is where you see what everyday middle-class food looks like.
  5. My early food-related jobs included: breakfast waitress, bakery manager, drugstore soda fountain jerk (at the place shown in the photo above), pizza-delivery girl, and sundae-scooper. Waiting tables was undeniably the hardest work I have ever done, for the least amount of money. Jose Feliciano was one of my regulars, and he used to say corny stuff like “Sanka very much” when I would bring him refills of decaf.
  6. We’ve never been to New Orleans. It was on the short-short list when Katrina hit…

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Comment by cookiecrumb

Oh, come on, Anita. A bunch of us are revealing embarrassing orthodontia-related tales… (Oh, wait. You just did.)
Huh. “Six Weird Things?” I thought it was “Five Things Most People…” Never mind.

Posted on 01.17.07 at 4:38PM

Comment by Anita

Hmm, maybe it’s two different memes? Or maybe it’s like a giant game of Telephone, and the meme has morphed…

Posted on 01.17.07 at 4:41PM

Comment by sandi @ the whistlestop cafe

I spent hours wandering around the grocery store in Rome & and always hit the Trader Joe’s when in Boston. not so weird after all!
Thanks for the fun.

Posted on 01.17.07 at 4:44PM

Comment by shuna fish lydon

I love to visit the health food store in every city I go to! For the same reason. I like to see what That Place produces…

Posted on 01.17.07 at 6:57PM

Comment by jill

We love to visit the markets or grocery stores when we travel too — you can get the best souvenirs there. We’ve brought back saffron from Madrid, beautiful painted tins of tea from London, barbecue sauce and Mennonite shoefly pies from Kansas City. And our favorite — pickle and ketchup flavored potato chips from Vancouver Island. My kids still wistfully discuss those while in our local Safeway…

Posted on 01.18.07 at 8:42AM

Comment by Craig

Wow — even more in common than I thought! :-)

Except, of course, chocolate. If it doesn’t have chocolate, how can it be called dessert?!?!


Posted on 02.02.07 at 3:39PM

Comment by Sarah

I love checking out grocery stores, too–even if I have no intention of buying anything. Brian hates it. He has this paranoid conviction that if we walk out without buying anything, the people at the store will assume we’re shoplifters and have stuff concealed under our coats. How weird is that?

Posted on 03.08.07 at 11:39AM

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