We have a weiner!

Posted by Anita on 01.15.07 9:25 PM

chili dog (c)2007 AECMmmm, football-watching Prather Ranch chili dogs…

And we also have a WINNER. In fact, we have a couple hundred. But for those of you sitting on the edge of your seat, wondering whether you’ll be the lucky one getting a care package from us this week, you might want to cast an envious glance in the direction of the appropriately named “Award” — he or she is the winning bidder who will be taking the Armchair Tour of the Bay Area from this year’s Menu For Hope raffle.

Thanks again to everyone who bid and supported this amazing event. Be sure to visit Chez Pim for the complete list of winners.

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Comment by Pim

Thanks Anita and Cam for taking part. Whoever this ‘award’ person is, s/he is one lucky dog!


Posted on 01.15.07 at 10:00PM

Comment by sandi @ the whistlestop cafe

You have been tagged with a new meme.

Posted on 01.16.07 at 12:06PM

Comment by Anita

Pim: We’re delighted to have been a part of it. (Dog, heh heh.)

Sandi: Thanks for the tag. We’ll try to keep it food-related, somehow. :)

Posted on 01.16.07 at 12:15PM

Comment by scott

What a delicious looking chili dog! Yum yum, Go Pats!!

Posted on 01.16.07 at 1:19PM

Comment by Anita

Go Pats, indeed! :D

Posted on 01.16.07 at 6:40PM

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