Sweet release

Posted by Cameron on 01.11.07 9:05 AM

PaydayWhile picking our way through the tattered wreckage of our kitchen late last week, Anita pointed out an empty plastic wrapper of Sour Punch Straws and said, “One of the guys has a sweet tooth.”

I wondered if it had been left behind by one of the contractor’s children, as I’d seen them at the job site a couple of times. But Anita was sure, and I think that she was right. It had the definite feel of worker debris.

At first I thought that they were a modern take on Pixy Stix–paper straws filled with a mixture of powdered citric acid and sugar. Kind of like crystal meth for kids in fun flavors: rots your teeth and makes you crazy. Turns out they’re more like gummy worms/licorice with sour powder on the outside.

The idea of pouring a pile of powdered sugar in my mouth is about as appealing as eating sand, but I’m no candy snob. When I have a sweet tooth and the only option is the drugstore rack, I can run down a tick-list of several well-loved options.

First up is Payday, that happy combination of nuts and aereated caramel. If I want chocolate, I’ll grab a Milky Way, although that’s lost some of its appeal in recent years. I can also be seduced by Starburst or Skittles. I used to be a complete slut for York Peppermint Patties (are they still running those goofy commercials?). I’d nibble all the chocolate off so that I could get a few bites of the unadulterated minty filling.

Thanks to Mike’s Candy Wrappers for the graphical raw material.




Comment by Tea

Skittles, totally.

Posted on 01.11.07 at 10:36AM

Comment by erin

LOVE the sugary ones–skittles, sweet tarts, twizzlers. Also have an embarrassing affinity for Butterfingers. The best though, is peanut M&Ms–they don’t even have high fructose corn syrup!

Posted on 01.11.07 at 11:06AM

Comment by Sean

Peanut M&Ms, hands-down. Snickers in a pinch. I don’t dig the sugary-fruity stuff like Skittles, I have to say, but as a sugar-addicted kid I was known to inhale (not literally) more than one of those sugar straw thingies. Oh, and I loved those wax bottles full of colored sugar water, like humingbird feed. And then chewing the wax to extract every drop of delicious sucrose. My alimentary tract was probably completely coated in undigested wax for years.

Posted on 01.11.07 at 11:33AM

Comment by Anita

For someone who eats candy so rarely, I am surprisingly set in my ways. Acceptable options inclde: Almond Joy, 100 Grand, Whatchamacallit, Heath Bar, Reese’s minis (but not the full size, go figure). The occasional Kit-kat slips in…

Posted on 01.11.07 at 11:43AM

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