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Posted by Cameron on 10.13.06 10:22 AM

cakedressValentyn Shtefano may be the toast of Uzhhorod, Ukraine, but upstaging a bride on her wedding day is bad form. After seeing this photograph, we wonder if Mr. Shtefano might one day wish he’d chosen a different venue for his food/fashion debut.

Click on the pic to see Viktoriya’s dress made out of cream puffs by her husband Valentyn, take a close look at her expression, and then come back and give us your best photo caption.

dessert, levity



Comment by Anita

How about: “Croquembouche… it’s the new black. Er, white.”

Posted on 10.13.06 at 12:49PM

Comment by KathyR


Posted on 10.13.06 at 1:12PM

Comment by Amy

My wife’s a real cream puff.

Posted on 10.19.06 at 11:42AM

Comment by Nelson

How about “Beats edible undies in all test groups.”

Posted on 10.27.06 at 9:16AM

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