Mermaid corrupts kids

Posted by Anita on 09.11.06 2:17 PM

the hussy! This just in from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer… Starbucks’ original logo causes an uproar:

A Kent elementary school principal, according to a local TV station, asked teachers last week that if they were bringing their daily joe to school that they make sure they get a sleeve to cover the image of a topless mermaid on Starbucks cups.

The Seattle-based coffee giant, as part of its 35th anniversary, this month put its original logo with the bare-breasted mermaid on its cups in stores in Washington and Oregon.

Not that Kent is the most progressive of Northwest communities, but do they really think that elementary-school kids have never seen boobies before?

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1 Comment

Comment by Matthew

Did you see this article a few weeks ago?

Greatest quote ever:

“I don’t want my son or husband to accidentally see a breast they didn’t want to see.”

Posted on 09.12.06 at 7:21AM

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