All hail autumn

Posted by Anita on 09.11.06 1:20 PM

white pom (c)2006 AECOk, I guess it’s fall. Where the heck did our typical gorgeous Indian Summer go? (For those of you elsewhere, the Bay Area usually enjoys its best weather in the early fall. Just as everyone else in the country is resigning themselves to wool trousers and coats, we’re finally breaking out the linen.)

Well, the weather may be all messed up, but I’m not really complaining. It’s fun to have cooler weather when the fall produce starts coming, and plenty of excuses to try those autumnal recipes that have been waiting for their chance in the spotlight.

The farmer’s market this weekend was full of fabulous finds, including the white pomegranates pictured above (they didn’t taste like much, unfortunately.. but they were too gorgeous not to ogle) and some luscious heirloom apples. Even our friends at Primavera busted out with some less-summery breakfast options: chilaquiles verdes, plus pork picadillo-filled chiles rellenos made on a griddleque macho! Unfortunately, we’d been out partying the night before and slept late, and they sold the last chile to the woman in front of me…

For our first fall recipe, we tried out the braised meatballs and gorgonzola polenta featured in the wine section of Friday’s Chronicle. Man, they were good — definitely one for the “keep” file. We also made a batch of chili from the Prather Ranch blog. Hmmm: It’s very tomato-y and the black beans are a strange choice for such a red bowl of red. This one reminded me why I always make half recipes of new things. Oh, well… maybe it will be good over burgers?

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Comment by Rocky


Posted on 09.12.06 at 4:29PM

Comment by Anita

Rocky… Are you implying that chili can’t have beans? If it tastes good, eat it. Screw orthodoxy. (And in this particular case, I’ll wager that leaving out the beans wouldn’t have made the chili any less-bad.)

Posted on 09.12.06 at 4:42PM

Comment by Jan

Mmmmm, chili beans. The food of my youth–good with lots of cheese, salsa and sour cream on ‘em. Unfortunately, not as good over things with the beans in it. Although come to think of it, there used to be a dish called the “chili size”, which was an open-faced cheese burger with chili beans ladeled over it.

Posted on 09.17.06 at 3:18PM

Comment by Anita

Oh, man…Jan, you’re bringing back memories. Marie Callendar’s used to have a chili size on their menu, in the days before they turned to craptastic mass-purveyors of, well, crap. It was listed in the same section as the patty melt and the frisco burger (cheeseburger on parmesan-grilled sourdough toast).

I have a post brewing about all the places that I miss, even though they technically still exist…

Posted on 09.17.06 at 4:49PM

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