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Posted by Cameron on 08.23.06 6:11 PM

Chicken and wafflesA few years ago I walked by a restaurant that caught my eye. The name promised a fusion theme and while I don’t remember the two cusines being fused, I do remember that the combination was unlikely enough (Japanese-Greek? Mexican-Scandinavian?) to make me stop and check out the menu in the window.

For sheer entertainment value, it was a great way to blow five minutes. The proposed fare sounded like the restaurant owner had asked a sixth-grader to combine the signature ingredients from two violently different culinary traditions. Lutefisk Gazpacho, that sort of thing.

One might make the same argument about chicken and waffles. I certainly did the first time that I was introduced to them. Individually, they’re great, but together? They turned out to be delicious. It was one of the rare moments where two completely different things mesh together perfectly.

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Comment by Jan

I think of bacon with pancakes (or french toast)..the sweet maple syrup comingling with the salty, crunchy, porkiness, it’s not too much of a strech to imagine the salty, crunchy, crust of fried chicken working with the sweet waffles. It really does work. Rocky’s was way too good!

Posted on 08.24.06 at 7:22AM

Comment by Rocky

You know, I could see pickled herring gazpacho maybe working.

Posted on 08.24.06 at 12:17PM

Comment by Rocky

Thanks Jan!

Posted on 08.24.06 at 12:17PM

Comment by Diane

I grew up eating chicken and waffles! It’s a Pennsylvania Dutch thing. And while I’m not PA Dutch, I lived nearby a big community.

Yummmmm…..My Mom, the macrobiotic, still gets cravings for this.

Posted on 09.02.06 at 8:00PM

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