Fussy food show

Posted by Anita on 01.23.07 9:50 AM

top pot at Starbucks (c)2007 AECI made an atypical stop at Starbucks on the way in — oooh, they’re importing Top Pot doughnuts from Seattle! — and got a huge kick out of the array of super-picky orders being called out by the barista:

“Short triple latte extra-hot, extra foam”

“Iced triple tall sugar-free cinnamon dolce”

“Venti half-caf extra-shot soy with-whip white-chocolate mocha”

They were all picked up by people wearing Fancy Food Show badges.

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Comment by Anita

The doughnut is stale. Sigh. Oh well… another reason to go back to Seattle soon.

Posted on 01.23.07 at 9:52AM

Comment by jill

Did you know that Venti means 20 in Italian? Makes me laugh everytime i hear someone order it.

Posted on 01.23.07 at 9:44PM

Comment by Anita

I actually *did* know that. As I recall, it was intentional — it’s a 20oz cup. How I retain all this useless info, I’ll never know. :)

Posted on 01.23.07 at 10:05PM

Comment by Steve

That’s so funny. I NEVER eat donuts but believe it or not, I was hungry after the Fancy Food Show (I can only eat so many cheese straws) and stopped in the Starbucks at the 5th & Mission garage. The food all looked putrid and overpriced so I went for a glazed old fashioned, just as you have pictured. It was ok. I also seem to be around a lot of Peets and was kind of horrified to drink the Starbucks brew which tasted like really hot water.

Posted on 01.25.07 at 7:46PM

Comment by Anita

too funny, indeed. That’s the very same ‘bucks. I, too, vastly prefer Peet’s, but there isn’t one close. (The faux Peet’s in Bristol Farms is only a small quality step above the so-called Peet’s at SFO. Blech.) Glad I don’t drink coffee often or I’d be grumpy(er) about it.

Posted on 01.25.07 at 10:10PM

Comment by KathyR

Put that bad boy (Top Pot donut) in the microwave for 15 seconds and it’ll be almost good as new. Is this importing of Top Pot donuts a permanent thing?

Posted on 01.31.07 at 8:08PM

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