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Posted by Anita on 12.13.06 6:37 AM

toast-200px.jpgWhen I heard that this month’s Wine Blogging Wednesday would tackle non-Champagne sparkling wines, I realized that we had the perfect excuse to crack open a bottle of bubbly this week.

Friday marks the fifth anniversary of the evening when That Cute Bald Guy asked me to marry (…with dinner) him. I’m sure we drank plenty of sparkling wine that night, although the details of its origin are lost to the mists of time. But I do have one particular memory of that winter’s wedding planning.

As we sorted through all the wedding details, we realized we had no idea which bubbly we could afford to serve to a crowd without sending our wine-snob friends rushing for the exits. So, we did what any budding foodies would do: We bought a few dozen bottles of under-$20 sparklers, whipped up some nibbles, and invited a gaggle of friends over to help us taste.

As you might expect, we had a blast. In the end, there were plenty of very nice bottles consumed, but a clear winner emerged. And so, the bubbly with which our friends and family toasted our vows the next summer was the Roederer Estate Brut ($17 at BevMo). As an added charm, this bubbly’s made with grapes grown in Sonoma’s Anderson Valley, right around the corner from the vineyards where we were married.

And although it’s affordable enough to serve to scores of your nearest and dearest, it’s also become our house sparkler, a little touch of luxury that’s fun to keep on hand just for ourselves. It’s delightful with a thimbleful of liqueur as an aperitif, mixed into Mimosas for brunch, or as a little splash of holiday sparkle all on its own.

Keep a bottle on hand, and I’m sure you’ll find something lovely to celebrate…

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Comment by Sean

And it remains a favorite of ours ever since! Way better than that wacky, sweet sparkling red. THAT would have sent everyone, not just the wine snobs, running for the exits!

Posted on 12.13.06 at 10:57AM

Comment by barbara

I’ve not had Roederer Estate but I’m a big fan of Louis Roederer champagne. Congratulations on your anniversary.

Posted on 12.14.06 at 9:59AM

Trackback by Culinary Fool

WBW#28: Sparklers! Summary Part 2…

Roederer Estate Brut (NV) from Sonoma/Anderson Valley brings back plenty of memories for Anita from Married…with Dinner.  She places it in the Party category and for good reason – this was the wine selected for her wedding and her anniversary is very soon!

Posted on 12.14.06 at 11:51PM

Comment by Nelson

I remember the day of the selecting of the bubbly. Or at least I claim to remember.

I have since forgotten the name of the bubbles, but now you have reminded me. This Internet thing is COOL!

Posted on 12.18.06 at 6:17PM

Comment by Anita

It’s a minor miracle that ANY of us remember even snippets of that night.

Posted on 12.18.06 at 7:51PM

Comment by Culinary Fool

Anita: Thanks for joining us this month. It was fun reading your story and the connection to this sparkler. Congrats on your 5 years! That’s a great milestone!

Thanks to for contributing to MxMo – I didn’t have a chance to comment on those entries – WBW just came up too fast! But I appreciated you joining us then, too!

Have great holidays!
~ B

Posted on 12.19.06 at 2:15PM

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