One for Koko

Posted by Cameron on 10.24.06 7:25 PM

wineI don’t think that I can keep up with the Queen of Hearts’ six impossible things before breakfast, but this past Saturday I had two new experiences.

Our friend Craig’s dog Koko passed away recently. The official statement read that Koko succumbed to age and infirmity, but insiders whisper that a pack of squirrels in sunglasses was seen hurriedly leaving the grounds on the sad day. Of course, squirrels do pretty much everything hurriedly, but that’s whispering insiders for you.

At any rate, we were honored to be among a small group of friends asked to gather to celebrate Koko’s life. Given Craig’s fondness for wine, I figured that there would be a bottle or two open, but I was completely unprepared for the that table that he had laid. A long-time fan and collector of Karl Lawrence wines, Craig set out an uninterrupted string of Cabernet Sauvignon that started in 1991 and ran all the way up through 2003.

It was the vertical to end all verticals–I have never seen anything like it before in my life. The wine was identifiably all of the same provenance, but it changed from year to year. Some of the changes were due to differences in mix or grape, but as we moved to ever-younger wines, the tannic spine disappeared behind a layer of fruit. It was like watching a movie of someone aging, run in reverse. It was a marvelously poetic way to celebrate the course of a life.

At last, someone raised their glass and called for a toast to Koko. We rattled the trees with our homage, and I’ll add my own here: To man’s best friend, and to family.

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Comment by Anita

Cheers to Koko!

(Pix here: Shutterfly)

Posted on 10.24.06 at 8:57PM

Comment by Sean

*shaking fist* squirRELLLLS!!!!

Posted on 10.25.06 at 8:25AM

Comment by Lauren

Great. I’ve had Juice Newton’s song “Queen of Hearts” stuck in my head for two days :)

Posted on 10.26.06 at 9:10AM

Comment by Cameron

The Joker is the only fool who’ll do anything for you.

Posted on 10.26.06 at 9:37AM

Comment by Cameron

Sorry, kids. The lawyers say that I have to post this:

We regret that Married…with dinner cannot be responsible for earworms, memes, or braincramps experienced while reading the site. We encourage all our visitors to practice safe thinking.


Posted on 10.26.06 at 10:00AM

Comment by Craig

Thanks for the very touching write-up. We definitely miss him and his (mostly) futile attempts to eat the neighborhood squirrels. (Let me know if ‘Married…’ ever needs a good squirrel recipe.)


P.S. Here are some pics of Koko.

Posted on 11.02.06 at 2:20PM

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