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Posted by Anita on 10.02.06 6:04 PM

Bristol Farms bakery (c)2006 AECAs luck would have it, I’m working right around the corner from the new addition to the Westfield San Francisco Centre — home of the first NorCal outpost of posh grocery Bristol Farms, as well as the foodiest food court this side of The Loft at Bangkok’s Central Chitlom department store.

I decided to pass on the food court for now and take a gander at Bristol Farms. Unlike the L.A.-area locations that I’ve seen, this shop is definitely geared toward the lunch crowd, with passing nods to real groceries. Well, maybe that’s not entirely fair: The butcher counter is fully stocked, albeit with shockingly pricey all-natural cuts of meat. (I’m the bozo who paid $21.89 for 2-1/2 pounds of short ribs, yep.) Cheeses, fresh pastas, a full dairy and dry-goods selection… they’re all here, and I’m sure the folks moving in to those condo-hotels are celebrating having a real grocery nearby. The produce section seemed a little slim for a store with “Farms” in its name, but I suppose you can’t have it all.

I’m not sure if it’s because Bristol Farms has such strong ties to the Southland, but I was shocked to find both Bob’s Big Boy salad dressing and Clearman’s cheese-toast spread on the shelves. Who knows what other SoCal treats are lurking in the aisles?

The pastry and bakery cases are definitely drool-worthy, and the housewares department — across the mall from the main store — looked remarkably comprehensive, if a bit precious. Salad bar, deli, and hot food stations seemed pretty decent, and not terribly overpriced considering the neighborhood. I picked up a pint container of “roadhouse chili” and garnished it with cheese, onions and crackers for just $3.99.

The crowds were still pretty thick, just four days after the grand opening, but a dozen cheerful cashiers kept the queue moving briskly and helpful staff answered questions in the aisles. All in all, a good first visit. And, I have to say: It’s just so damned European to have a grocery store in the basement! Maybe we can get our public transit working, now…

Bristol Farms
San Francisco Centre (Concourse Level)
845 Market Street, Suite 10
San Francisco, CA 94103

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Comment by Rocky

I love Bob’s Big Boy Thousand Island, this place counds like the Irvine Ranch Farmer’s Market but with even less produce.

Posted on 10.03.06 at 1:55PM

Comment by Amy

When I went to the Centre there was a strike going on against non-unionized Bristol Farms. I do want to check it out but I just can’t see crossing the picket line…

Meanwhile short ribs on sale at Mollie Stones this week $3.99 a pound! But yours were probably better quallity than mine.

Posted on 10.06.06 at 10:43AM

Comment by Anita

I wholeheartedly support organized labor but I crossed that half-assed picket line with no qualms. As far as I know, Bristol Farms aren’t union-busting, they’re just non-union. Whole Foods isn’t unionized, either… and yet they’re consistently voted one of the best employers in the country.

I can’t recall where I read it, but another blogger quipped a few months back that unionized supermarkets like Safeway and Albertsons are a huge part of the problem with the state of American megafoods. I have no problem voting/shopping my conscience on this one.

Posted on 10.06.06 at 11:49AM

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