Quiche me, Madeleine

Posted by Anita on 08.31.06 3:50 PM

Cafe Madeleine quiche (c)2006 AECAs I’ve mentioned before, the lunch options near my office are pretty grim. But even though I’ve known about Cafe Madeleine since late last year, for some reason I never seem to remember it when hunger strikes.

I’m officially resolving to remember.

Today’s lunch was a gorgeous slice of ham-and-asparagus quiche. Serviceable asparagus meets chunks of good ham, all bound up in a creamy custard and surrounded by a better-than-decent crust. The side salad’s good too… mixed greens tossed in a nice mustardy vinaigrette. All this for $4.50.

Add another couple bucks and you get a Pellegrino soda, or a French lemonade. If you can manage to resist the gravitational pull of the dessert case — and really, I promise not to mock if you can’t… those pastries are almost pornographic in their glossy perfection — you’ll be scrumptiously lunched for about $7.

Cafe Madeleine
300 California Street (x Battery)
San Francisco, CA 94104

downtown SF, lunch



Comment by Sean

Mmm… yes, I used to work in that building, so I would go to Madeleine a LOT. So much so that I sort of got sick of it, which is sad cuz it’s clearly the best thing around. I believe there’s another in SoMa?

When the weather goes inclement again, and you’re ready for a mondo-caloric comfort bomb, their hot chocolate is pure heaven — and pure cream!

Posted on 08.31.06 at 4:52PM

Comment by Anita

There are three, I believe: One down on New Montgomery near the Palace, and another near Union Square.

Update — damn, my memory is good:
300 California Street (x Battery)
149 New Montgomery Street (x Natoma)
43 O’Farrell Street (x Market / Grant)

Posted on 08.31.06 at 5:01PM

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