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Posted by Anita on 08.09.06 8:27 AM

chilaquiles (c)2006 AECSteve’s comment on the hash post got me thinking of chilaquiles, one of my favorite foods. I love ‘em so much, I’ll eat them in just about any way they’re prepared, from haute to humble, rojos or verdes.

As I nodded off to sleep last night, I remembered that I had some leftover Flor de Junio beans in the fridge, and probably a small handful of good, thick tortilla chips. This morning, with no time to make salsa from scratch, I reached for a small can of the pretty-good stuff: Embasa salsa verde. I like it better than jarred salsas because it actually tastes like tomatillos, not citric acid, and you can see chunks of white onion in it. Alas, no crema on hand, but luckily a new round of queso fresco.

If you love chilaquiles but don’t ever make them at home, you should start. It’s a really simple process: For a single serving, put about a quarter cup of smooth-ish salsa in the bottom of a medium skillet — red or green, as you like it. Let it heat until it’s warmed through and sizzling, then add a handful of chips. Depending on their size and flatness (or lack thereof) you may need to break them up a little, and possibly add some more sauce. You don’t want them dripping, but you do want a good coating on all surfaces. Toss the chips with the salsa until heated through, then top with cheese: Queso fresco is good, as is any Mexican melting cheese, or even Monterey Jack in a pinch. Drizzle with crema, or a little sour cream thinned with milk, and cover for a couple of minutes until the cheese melts and the crema settles. (You can also wait and add the crema when you plate them; Chilaquiles is really an idea more than a recipe, and even in Mexico there are as many ways to make ‘em as there are cooks.) Take them to the plate, consider topping with some chopped white onion, a little chopped cilantro, or nothing at all. I like ‘em served with soft-scrambled eggs, or a side of homemade refritos.

UPDATE: As if this post wasn’t already enough of a Rancho Gordo advertisement… I sit down to eat my chilaquiles, and who do I find in Chron’s food section? Yup, Steve himself, waxing eloquent about heirloom beans. Talk about your synchronicity…

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Comment by Rocky

Made my chilaquiles last night for dinner. I use an oven method rather than a pan which renders a wetter version. I had chips, salsa verde, shredded roast chicken, and cheese in mine. Alas, I too had no crema, or queso fresco even, I had to settle for plain old sour cream.


Posted on 08.09.06 at 3:11PM

Comment by Genie

Made chilaquiles this morning for breakfast for the first time, and now that I know how freaking EASY it is, that will happen MUCH more often.

Posted on 06.22.09 at 7:52AM

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