Mmmm… meat cake

Posted by Cameron on 08.08.06 9:32 AM

Vashti Ross meat cakeUntil today, Bill Watterson’s Calvin was the only person who I believed when they called themselves a genius. Or, to properly quote Calvin, a “Super-Genius”. But now, Vashti Ross, I genuflect before your greatness. Let’s listen to the artist’s moment of inspiration in her own words:

He went on to describe his ultimate wedding cake. “I hate that wedding cakes are all girly. There should be like a groom cake to go with the traditional wedding cake. A guy’s cake. Like..made out of meat.”

A lightbulb went off in my mind. “I could TOTALLY do that,” I exclaimed. “A meatloaf! With mashed potato frosting! OH MY GOD!”

Go and be amazed. Props to Don Carne for the tip.

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Comment by Anita

I think meat cupcakes would be cute. :)

Posted on 08.08.06 at 11:20AM

Comment by Rocky

Zoraster’s Beard! That is brilliant! Now I want to make one, maybe decorate it with bacon on the outside.


Posted on 08.08.06 at 12:13PM

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