Soup of the Fortnight: Green!

Posted by Anita on 04.24.06 4:41 PM

In honor of spring finally springing in my hometown, and also Arbor Day (April 28) and Green Day (no, not the band — Japan’s Midori no hi, April 29), let’s investigate all manner of green soups.

Here are a few I came up with, off the top of my head:
- cucumber gazpacho
- new mexico green chile soup
- avocado soup
- pea soup (fresh spring peas or split peas)
- posole verde
- cream of asparagus
- fava bean & artichoke
- herb soups like sorrel, watercress, etc.
- cream of spinach or broccoli

You could even do a chilled melon dessert soup.

But, in the end, I decided to make my friend Jan’s Creamy
Pea, Lettuce & Leek Soup
with Lemon Crème Fraiche and Chive Oil.

Not only did I forget to take a photo, but neither did anyone at the Seattle party where this soup made its debut… so I can’t even poach one! Trust me, it was gorgeous. I’m so glad I was making it for a dinner party, or I might not have bothered with the creme fraiche or the chive oil — and they definitely made the dish much better.

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