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Posted by Anita on 12.07.05 5:35 PM

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Tonight, Cameron and I are going to COCO500, one of SF’s hot new restros, so I peeked at the menu.

I’m sending it straight to the editorial penalty box for the following infractions:

1) Pretentiousness:
You’ll find items in all the categories that could be starters, but there’s also a “small starts” category. The listings are sort-of organized by cooking method, but sort-of not. The word “dirt” has no place on a menu. And seriously, how can a dessert be noncommital? Is it sort of a brownie, but not really? Sort of dessert, but more like a kick in the ass?

2) Confusion:
Some of the items have dollars and cents, some don’t (why “6.0″ but “11″, for example?). it’s like someone decreed: “all prices must have 2 digits”, or maybe or maybe they thought that if they didn’t add the “.0″ it would look like “6 fried green beans” (which would be a pretty scrawny appetizer). Of course, all of this would be moot if they put the price AFTER the item, instead of before it. The way it reads now, it looks like an essay outline written by someone with poor counting skills.

3) Narcissism:
Any time the word “coco(a)” is used in a menu-item name (which, in and of itself, is a minor infraction) it is rendered in ALLCAPS. And, for the love of Pete, what the hell is a ‘ COCOmole “taco” ‘ ?

4) Ignorance:
Among the choice typos…
- seasame tuile
- balsalmic

Hello, get a dictionary. Or, better yet, an editor.

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