SOTF: Turkey (part II)

Posted by Anita on 11.29.05 3:55 PM

turkey soup (c)2006 AECWe made Mexican Turkey Soup tonight with our stock and carcass meat.

I liked this soup, but I didn’t love it. There was too much broth for the amount of ‘stuff’ in it — we had to scoop the turkey and veggies into the bowls with a slotted spoon to get the balance right.

Before portioning out the leftovers, I ladled off 2 cups of turkey/tomato/chipotle broth (out of the original half-gallon of stock, plus the tomato liquid) and froze it separately for later use. The remaining bowls seemed closer to the mark. It also needed a lot more salt than the recipe called for. It’s a nice, easy weeknight recipe, and a nice way to use up turkey. It was reminiscent of tortilla soup, but not as good.

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