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Posted by Cameron on 08.21.06 11:35 AM

Tri-tip (c)2006 AECDon Carne is the gangster name of my good friend and sometime bandmate; the “Don” is an honorific. He sports a sticker on his car that says “Animals are tasty.” Every now and then he catches a hand-wringing PETA zombie in the act of trying to peel the sticker off. Hilarity inevitably ensues.

The Don also likes to say, “You don’t make friends with salad,” which is why we all froze in shock when he told us that he was planning to marry a vegetarian. However, such is the power of his meat fu that his lovely bride is now a fan of hamburgers and cheerfully experiments with all but the gooshiest animal parts.

I feel like I’ve been channeling Don Carne recently. This weekend we had some friends over for a small dinner party and I grilled a slab of Prather tri-tip slathered with a paste made up of roughly equal amounts of garlic powder, pepper, and salt brought together with olive oil. Sear, and then roast on indirect heat until done. Wow, wow, wow. I can’t wait to do it again.

Right now, I’ve got some beef ribs sozzling in a dry rub in the fridge, and they’re destined for the grill tonight. Yabba dabba doo, baby!

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Comment by Sean

Damn, you beat me to posting with a derivation of that band name. With so many monosyllabic food words rhyming with “meat” it’s not hard to drum up several permutations. I suppose I’ll have to concoct a dish of basil-and-chili-rubbed beef just so I can do, “Meat, Heat and a Pesto”

Posted on 08.23.06 at 1:25PM

Comment by Anita

I feel compelled to post a correction: His gangster name is actually “Phil Roast Beef” — like “Frankie Five Angels” or “Joey Bagadonuts”. Don Carne is an honorific, befitting his dogfather status.

Posted on 08.23.06 at 3:53PM

Comment by Joe

Yet again, I find some great stuff on your blog. I just grilled some tri tip and served with grilled corn and black olive aioli. Come take a look when you have a chance and let me know what you think.



Posted on 07.04.08 at 11:59AM

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