The breakfast-haters’ club

Posted by Anita on 08.15.06 9:24 PM

bacon-avocado-tomato sandwich (c)2006AECI don’t talk about it much, but I’m rarely in the mood for breakfast foods in the morning. For years I tried to find pleasure in cultured boutique yoghurts, angelic buttermilk waffles, and steel-cut oats with berries… to no avail. Even my breakfast dream team — chilaquiles, corned-beef hash, eggs benedict, the sausages at Lola — leans to the savory side.

Finally, I just had to admit it: I’m not a breakfast gal. Now that I’ve made peace with this awkward reality, I’m much happier. In a pinch, I’ve been known to make a morning meal of dinner leftovers. But when time allows, I often eat what most people would consider lunch.

As I cleaned out the fridge last night, I noticed a couple of strips of bacon languishing all alone. I’d also bought a small bag of avocados at Trader Joe’s, and then turned right around and bought three more at the farmer’s market — oops. And I was making salsa this morning for tonight’s dinner, so I had an excuse to hijack a slice of heirloom tomato. Add two slices of toasted Acme pain de mie, and you’ve got yourself a midsummer B-A-T sandwich, with a side of leftover mac salad. Perfect breakfast chow, no?

* Edited to add: We removed the link to the Cook’s Illustrated macaroni salad recipe in July 2008 in protest of their bullying tactics.

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Comment by La Saraghina

I also, do not like the breakfast unless it is brought to me on the beach by little boys with money.

Posted on 08.16.06 at 9:48AM

Comment by La Saraghina

But sometimes, the boys, they mock me. They bring me the toast with the sweet things spread on top: jam, marmalade, treacle…pah!

“Saraghina!” they cry. “Come out, Saraghina! We have the honey!”

But I do not listen.

Posted on 08.17.06 at 10:01AM

Comment by Jan

Oh, yeah…the B-A-T (or the B-L-A-T, or B-A)is a breakfast favorite for me too. People often look at me like I’m weird when I say I don’t really like breakfast all that much. I say, more dinner for breakfast–mmm, pork chops, mac and cheese, leftover steak and baked potato etc, etc, etc.

Posted on 08.21.06 at 12:10AM

Comment by Fatemeh

I could eat BL(A)Ts morning, noon, and night.

It’s kind of scary, actually.

Posted on 08.22.06 at 5:54PM

Comment by Tana

I am all about the savory, and especially leftovers. Last night’s pizza is great (warmed up, of course: I don’t work in IT, for goodness’ sake!).

I don’t think I’ve had anything like French toast or pancakes since my early thirties.

Hook me up with La Saraghina! I have the money, and the honey, and I do not mock.

Posted on 08.22.06 at 10:13PM

Comment by Jess

oh i agree! i HATE most breakfast foods in the morning. sometimes i’ll have french toast for dinner or what not but most breakfast foods seem to be very sweet and i just dont have a sweet tooth. those that arent sweet (eggs, sausage, ham) are things i dont like. i can deal with toast or super crunchy hashbrowns with ketchup but i’d much rather have a sandwich or similar…

Posted on 01.23.07 at 5:06PM

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