Beer thirty

Posted by Cameron on 08.02.06 4:51 PM

If there’s anything wrong with wandering around in the sun all day and drinking a bunch of different kinds of beer, then I don’t want to be right. I was up in Portland last weekend for a bachelor party, and as part of the festivities our crew spent a lazy Saturday afternoon at the 19th Annual Oregon Brewers Festival.

I’m not sure which was more impressive, the number of brewers in attendance (50+), the number of people in attendance (50,000+ per the Fest organizers), or the number of Grateful Dead cover bands you can safely book in succession without inciting a riot (I lost count).

One of the things that I miss desperately about living in Seattle is the reverence that the Pacific NW has for beer. Two of my favorite brewers and my single favorite beer purveyor are located in the Seattle city limits, and that doesn’t even scratch the surface.

Now, I’m not knocking the Bay Area beer scene. I felt strongly enough to blog about it way back in the day, when real men wrangled HTML with their bare hands. But my Portland trip was like a return to the promised land of cerveza.

Now if I could just get “Touch of Grey” out of my head.

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Comment by Rocky

WHAT?!!!!!! You were in Portland Cam? I was in Portland for the weekend too following IPNC. Dude, we suck! Sounds like you had fun!


Posted on 08.02.06 at 11:38PM

Comment by Cameron

We had a blast. Portland is a great place for a bachelor party.

Posted on 08.03.06 at 8:23AM

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