Pantry raid!

Posted by Anita on 11.15.05 5:42 PM

pantry containers (c)2006 AECEvery time I open my pantry, I get a huge kick out of this.

It cost me almost $150 (for the containers — the shelf is three levels deep), but my dry goods are now bug-proof, spill-proof, and organized. I swear, nothing has made me this happy in months.

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Comment by rachel

Hi there,
I know this is an old post, but catching on on your archives and saw this and had to ask: What containers are they, and are you happy with them still? I am in the market for some new ones…thanks!

Posted on 01.02.07 at 4:44PM

Comment by Anita

I love them! They’re Click-Top Storers from the Container Store. No problems in a year-plus of use.

You’re the third person to ask about them lately :)

Posted on 01.02.07 at 5:21PM

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