Bergamocello (Step 2)

Posted by Anita on 01.30.05 10:04 PM

bergamocello steeping (c)2005 AECReporting back from the front lines of the bergamocello operation.

The first photo is a shot of the zest infusing in the 100-proof vodka. I used Absolut, since it was the only brand on offer at our crappy state store. This is shown at approximately the 2-week mark; I wish I had taken pictures earlier in the process to give you a comparison, but I didn’t.

bergamocello (c)2005 AECHere’s a finished flask with the label. I couldn’t get a clear enough shot of the label, but it says “January 2005 — Bergamocello — Bergamot digistivo“. The finished product is really interesting and good. Not too sweet, reminiscent of grapefruit with hints of spice and spicy herbs. It’s almost middle-eastern or indian in flavor: cardamom, nigella, coriander. It’s definitely similar to, but distinctly different from, the flavors in the bergamot juice. I wish I could upload a glass for you all to try!

I’m pretty happy with the first effort.

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Bergamocello (Step 1)

Posted by Anita on 01.15.05 10:00 PM

bergamotto botanicalI bought a dozen bergamots today at Whole Foods, and my test-batch of Bergamocello — like Limoncello — is steeping happily on the counter, while I sip a Friday After Five cocktail made from the juice. I’m a happy girl.

Zesting the peels with a fine Microplane works much better (and faster) than a peeler or a traditional zester.

Tweaking Katie Loeb’s recipe from the eGullet Limoncello thread, these are the the ratios used for my bergamocello:

- 750ml of 100-proof vodka for the steep
- 750ml of 80-proof vodka for the dilution
- 500ml of 1:1 simple syrup (or to taste)

Basically, when diluting the mixture, use the same amount of vodka/everclear that you originally used for steeping. If you’re using 100-proof vodka, you’ll want to use simple syrup equal to 1/3 the total amount of vodka.

If you’re using Everclear/grain alcohol for the original steep, you can bring it down to a drinkable level by using 80-proof vodka for the dilution, or making a weaker simple syrup (more water than sugar).

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